Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

60th message from January 01, 2023 

Jesus Christ "The heart knows the way"  

 At the beginning the Virgin Mary appears.

She wears a long, dark blue cloak and around Her head is a large halo in which stars are embedded.
Mary radiates great power.
At first she smiles at the visionary and comes very close with her girlish face, but then a wave of sadness reaches the visionary, which emanates from Mary.

Shortly after, first a little lamb appears and then Jesus.
Standing before the visionary, He says, "Follow me, my child. I have something to show you."
A vision begins.

A little sheep is rampaging impetuously and running around. It is in an unusual environment full of distractions, raptures and occupations.
It somewhat resembles a casino or the like. The place is cluttered and obstructs the view.

But a path suddenly opens up. The little sheep now runs quite elatedly, for it has found its way. There is only this one way for the little sheep. It is the true path for the little lamb. It is a path paved with bright, level stones, at the end of which waits a very large white light. In this large cone of light stands a slightly transparent Jesus with outstretched arms, who seems to merge with the light.
The little lamb has now understood which path is the right one.
Jesus says, "The light attracts the light."
That is, the light in the little lamb's heart automatically attracts it to Jesus' light.
It cannot escape this strong attraction, it resembles a magnetism.
Through its heart light, the little lamb automatically orients itself to Jesus' light.
It stands symbolically for countless sheep in the world and to leave the figurative - it stands for countless people in the world.
These countless people feel the same way. They also feel magically attracted.
As if in a crowd, they stand in a semicircle around Jesus. He is a luminous orientation, a luminous mark.
And Jesus indicates that this will increase.
The more that happens around us humans, the more darkness there is, the more chaos, whatever it is - the more of that happens, the more people reorient themselves, He says.
Go inward and find their orientation in Jesus.
Jesus also explains that in this, slowly but surely, there is a separation. As if one were tying apart coarse-meshed fabric. This image comes up. And the threads at the edge of the cloth halves stand out. It is a real separation.
This separation arises quite naturally. Some are oriented to Jesus, others are not.
And it may be that over time people spontaneously change sides again and again.
They feel that they are not right where they are. That they belong on the "light side".
And this "change of sides" is allowed. Jesus announces that this process will continue for a while.

The other side is tricky and you have to be careful. They try to entice and try to pull people to their side. They do this with money, status, possessions, promised wealth. However, there is a catch to these offers from the other side.
These offers have something devious, deceptive, tricky.
For example, it is about work that is not done honestly with a pure heart or intention, but it has something harmful. It serves only one person, namely oneself, or even explicitly harms others.

Jesus warns us to be careful.

The present time represents a kind of time of decision and sorting. One sorts oneself out.
In doing so, one can fall from grace or fall for these machinations.
The "dark side" continues to pursue the goal of weakening the light or undermining the good. Jesus warns against selling one's soul for any kind of wealth, for goods or possessions, and in return letting oneself be carried away into something that harms others. Jesus warns against this very explicitly.

Now He holds a golden scroll in His hand, unrolls it and says: "to the Holy Father: [...]"
He transmits part of a message to the Pope.