Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


61st message from January 25, 2023 

The Blessed Virgin Mary
"Return to righteousness"

The Blessed Virgin Mary appears.
After a personal message, she delivers a message to the general public.
She radiates sadness, her heart is heavy.
Mary asks us to repent and that humanity repent.
She warns of a catastrophe, of escalation.
It is a very haunting, intense feeling that Her presence triggers.

Inner images of tanks come up. Many tanks that were driving together in convoy.
Suddenly the convoy makes a U-turn. The tanks go back in the direction from which they came.

Now a new image appears.
A wide road lying in the fog, lined with narrow young trees.
The entire image is predominantly in shades of white. At the end of the path, the dark silhouette of a man can be seen briefly, but he quickly disappears. Individual tanks pass quickly through the image from right to left.
Individual disjointed images of war appear - rolling single tanks, tanks driving in convoy, flying shells, bombs hitting, as well as one particular very huge bomb hitting somewhere.
Maria feels very warning, very worried, her heart is heavy. She is crying.
Mary is asking for repentance. She asks to come to her senses and leave the path of war.
She suggests that an influencing theme of this current war is money.
The inner image of a casino appears, where money tiles are pushed back and forth with sliders.
The image of a pusher from the casino, who symbolically shifts piles of gold coins, indicates that it is about financial interests and that certain people or groups or the like "get" money. Money "get pushed".

Mary says: "There are people who have left the path of morality.
The way of what is morally right and good.
There are people who sell or have already sold their souls for money.
They enrich themselves in war.
I ask these people to repent. To return to the path of righteousness.
I ask for repentance, because otherwise you are threatened with disaster.
I warn you against escalation.
I warn you not to irritate Russia further. I warn you not to provoke President Putin.
And against taking him to his limit.
I ask for more prayers for peace.
I urge you to negotiate peace.
Any levels of escalation are still avertable at this time."
When asked what more we can do, Mary replies that we are already doing a lot.
All those who are already praying regularly may continue to pray. Pray even more to fill the atmosphere of the earth with positivity and the energy of prayers.
Our Lady's radiance is now caring, loving and conveys security.
Those who pray have much power and their prayers are filled with strong energy.
A lot of good energy that can be used and if these people pray even more, it will have a strong effect.

Mary asks for trust despite the current situation. Trust in God.
She emphasizes again that there doesn't have to be disasters, there doesn't have to be escalation.
These scenarios do not have to happen.
The flight of all these bombs shown before, can be completely averted.
Everything can be completely averted.
For this to happen, it is necessary that we let Mary take the lead.
She can instruct us and guide us, She says.
She will show us the way if we want; if we are open to it.

Mary asks the general public for prayers, for fasting and for conversion.
She also asks for an inner attitude of peace, since this also has an indirect influence.
She asks for conversion, because in this way many people can be spared much suffering.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.