Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

62nd message from January 28, 2023 

Jesus Crist "Until shortly before Hungary - participation of eastern states"


"I have a message for you."
A brown bear appears before the inner eye.

"My child of truth, speak. Speak what I have to say. Speak the truth. Speak with courage. Speak with confidence. I am the Lord your God. I am Jesus Christ.
Don't be afraid of what I have to say. Try not to judge it."
"Tell them that I love them.
Tell them that my love is infinite.
Tell them that I love each one of them and that each one is safe with me.
That each and every one of them finds their personal peace with me.
Tell them that I see every single situation in every life. That I know them, that I know it.
That I feel it, that I hear it and feel it and see it and experience it with you.
And yet, at the same time, I experience it very differently. Because I know the plan. I look at it from the divine consciousness and so know that all is well.
Whatever you are experiencing, know that it is meant to be.
Do not be disturbed by news, by videos, by countless impressions from all over the world.
Turn exclusively to me, your Lord Jesus Christ. Your shepherd.
For I am the love and the life and the way.
But now to what else I have to tell you."

As many times before, the tunnel of light appears, which Jesus enters with the visionary.
Bright, luminous colors swirl into one another.  At the end of the journey, Jesus and his companion enter an American military base that they had already visited in an earlier vision. [Note: see message 51 of 10/16/22.]
As in the past vision, this one also consists of different stations.
At the first station, the image of a leopard and a tank appears again.
"Leopard tank."
Thereupon Jesus warned that the USA does not mean well with Germany.

The two continue their walk on the military base and come to the second station.
Here a bald eagle can be seen and fighter jets. In this repeated viewing, Jesus wants to emphasize one piece of information that may have escaped the seer last time.
The bald eagle circling above the action in the air swoops down in flight.
He represents the United States. He circles and it seems he is monitoring the proceedings below to make sure everything is going his way.
The sky is full of fighter jets. Tanks roll on the ground. Their tubes are pointed upward.
As in many visions before, this battle takes place near the sea. The tanks are rolling to the west.  They are accompanied by troops. Soldiers move with them towards the west.
The image changes. Now a kind of map can be seen.
Like on a military map, the war strategy is shown.
A small symbolic tank rolls from Ukraine along the water to the west.
It is accompanied by troops of young men.
Again, the bald eagle circles the war scene in the air. In the meantime he drops something. However, this should not be misunderstood.
This is not about dropped bombs by the U.S., but about verbal spikes being doled out. As a result, the war continues to heat up.

The troops are clearly moving further west.
They have left the Russia and Ukraine area and are moving toward the Baltics and Austria.
The map shows the troops moving until just before Hungary.
They are not entering Hungary. In general, the atmosphere is very heated and tense.
To illustrate this, the picture of a balloon appears on which a needle is placed.
If you push the needle in just a millimetre further, the balloon pops.

Then the scenery changes again, which takes place in the future.
The brown bear can be seen.
He is somewhere in a forest and he is very angry.
In this context, the brown bear represents the Russian President Putin.
At this point in the future, Putin is so angry and upset that it brings him to the edge of his nerves. No nuclear bomb has yet been fired from Russia's side and Putin is tacting; thinking about what weapons he will use next.
He is not seriously considering the use of nuclear weapons.
The bear is now on its hind legs and raging. He pounds the air with his paws, lashes out and bites the air. From the bear's point of view, Russia is threatened and he thinks that he will not put up with all this any longer. Inside he is raging.

Now President Putin can be seen. In this vision he is sitting at his desk and it looks like he is approving a certain military action.
It seems as if he has approved something, for example, to bomb a certain area or people.
The inner image of a long-range missile appears repeatedly.

The scene changes.
German Chancellor Scholz is on the phone with Putin, or rather they are somehow communicating with each other. The talks between the two heads of state fail.
They will try to negotiate, to approach each other, but it leads nowhere.
Putin's attitude here is consistent in this vision of the future.
He is defending his country, from his point of view, in response to the "attacks of the West," and he will not be intimidated or pushed back.
At this future point in time, he opens himself up to further levels of escalation, to strike back even harder than he has been harmed before.

Now a warship moves into the picture. This means that it is likely that there will be further arming. The warship fires projectiles towards the land.
In the background, the rest of the fleet follows and, as in previous messages, this action takes place in the bay at the Ukraine. Furthermore, helicopters can be seen and deliveries are made (note: possibly food?).

Jesus announces a last picture for today.
Under a blue sky with clouds a bird of prey flies.
It is a bald eagle in a furious swoop. He gives a cry of attack.
It is as if it is attacking the seer.
Shortly after, there is a big explosion that takes place in Germany.
To be exact, in northern Germany on the coast. A ship is on fire.  The ship does not seem to be directly at the harbor. It is still on the water. Either near the port or underway in German waters. It seems like some kind of attack.

The impression arises that this fire attack would be a response or silent and covert threat on the part of the U.S. to a refusal to cooperate on the part of Germany.
The background to this is not known.
If this covert attack were to actually take place, the consequences for the German population would be far-reaching.
The event can still be averted, it does not have to happen, but it is likely.

"Go in peace, my children. My beloved children. Turn to Me and peace will fill you again.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."