Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

63rd message from February 01, 2023 

The Blessed Virgin Mary "Escalation Stages”

Our Lady appears and she looks sad.

At the beginning She transmits a picture of a tank by the sea.
Above it circles a bald eagle, which swoops down on the tank again and again.
It is attacking. You can see how the tanks continue their way along the water. They cover a long distance. At first it was only one tank. The image changed over time to a long line of tanks driving one after the other. It is about the Ukraine war.

Suddenly, the face of Russian President Putin appears. A glimpse of his person is provided and here it is indirectly communicated that he will not bend.
The vision changes to the image of a brown bear (= Putin) sitting on the ground.
Again a bald eagle (= USA) circles across the picture, this time above the bear.
The bear stretches one arm up in the air to strike at the bird.
Initially it is just a playful reaching up, before it becomes angrier and more aggressive.
The eagle attacks and the bear swats it away. The bird goes down and firstly trots away with a reproachful look.
The brown bear now reaches another escalated degree of anger.
The spit flies out of his mouth with rage. He builds himself up again, stands on his hind legs, because he feels strongly threatened [by the armour]. He now comes to the edge of furious rage, which almost, but only just, reaches madness. The bear's blood is boiling.
Afterwards, the brown bear strides in the lead with a whole pack of brown bears.
He brings reinforcements. There are different kinds of bears among them.
Then the image of a map of Europe and Russia appears. The countries east of Russia are now colored red.
This means that countries east of Russia will participate in the war. This again represents another level of escalation - the participation of eastern countries. There is a risk of a world war.

Our Lady explicitly emphasizes the word "world war" and thus wants to warn against it.

Another image with a bald eagle appears. It is in flight and fighting with a smaller bird of prey, which unfortunately cannot be properly defined. Then the bald eagle fights with a snake.
The Chinese flag appears. Our Lady transmits the information that the situation will become very unpleasant if the Chinese interfere or participate in the war.

"Pass it on, my child. Pass on my words, my child. Be blessed with my love that embraces you.
I love you. I am with you and I will never leave you. Trust.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."