Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

64th message from February 09, 2023 

The Blessed Virgin Mary
"With the planes comes the water" 

The Blessed Mother appears. She stands in front of a blue sky.
In the background, fighter jets fly past Her. The scene is accompanied by the noise of flying jets.
In the next image, Mary is standing in the water and a huge tidal wave is building up behind Her.

She says, "With the planes comes the water."
She warns of a pending threat. Dolphins jump through the sea water. The image of a distant city appears and Mary announces the flooding of a city in the United States.
The amount of water that will reach this city is enormous.
The huge wave will also flood the Golden Gate Bridge. This is also to be taken as a hint for the place of the event.
The seer is asked by Mary to warn the authorities of this city in the USA.
It is about the city where the Golden Gate Bridge is located. [Note: later looked up: San Francisco.]
When asked to explain the connection between water and fighter jets, Our Lady explains that there is a temporal connection. These events, she says, are sequential and related. She further explains that it is not about fighter jets in the United States.
The jets are Russian. A picture came up of 3 fighter jets flying side by side. One left blue smoke, one white, one red.
From the perspective of the plane, you can now see the flight over a beach; a coastline.
It's a combat zone. There will be an escalation there. "Cherson"
On it can be seen how many suns and many moons rise and sink again; probably a symbol of time passing. Mary looks very sad.
This is followed by the image of a map of Russia, Europe and America. From the side of Europe, a huge wave is developing, moving towards the USA. It feels like Russia owns pipes under water that can cause floods. [It is to be understood symbolically.
In the vision it seems as if Russia would attack the USA in the future by means of flood waves.
It is possible that there will be a tectonic plate shift. It will not be clear that it was Russia. The origin of the floods will be unknown.
"Warn your brothers and sisters in the US. Via YouTube. In English.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."