Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


65th message from February 16 & 18, 2023 

The Blessed Virgin Mary - Short messages

Mary appears. She is very tall, wears a dark blue cloak and it looks af if the starry sky embodies her dress.
An impressive appearance.
A big wave appeared before the inner eye and Mary said:
"The water is coming soon."
The image repeats itself several times.

During the prayer group, Mary, the Mother of God, appears and warns of floods.
An image of crosses lying on the ground appears in the inner eye.
The crosses move across the floor as if on an assembly line.
The large gold-colored crosses are reminiscent of engravings on coffins.
Again, an inner image of high waves across the sea and rocking ships appears.
The earth trembles.
Mary asks us all to remain in prayer.