Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

66th message from March 19, 2023 

Jesus Christ "Where does Peace Begin?"

Jesus Christ appears to the visionary and first speaks to her personally.
Then He says:
"Now let us come to the next part. A new escalation stands before and I would like to share it with you. As you have already correctly grasped, it is a possibility.
If people continue to remain unchanged as before, this possibility will be within close reach.
And yet, it is possible for peace to take hold of people's hearts every day.
It is their decision whether they allow peace. Whether they want to achieve peace by supplying tanks or peace by sending the dove of peace.
Think about it.
What is your idea of peace?
How do you create peace?
Where does peace begin?
Could it be that peace begins in each individual heart?
Inspired by the divine spark?
Animated by the hand that I place on the heart of everyone who asks for peace.
For himself and for the world.
Yes, my children, it is a time of decisions. And they are far-reaching choices.
So choose wisely.
What do you want for humanity?
What do you want for the continuation of your species?
How can you ensure the continuity of humanity?
Do you secure and strengthen it through warmongering?
Do you secure and strengthen it through weapons, through agitation, through hatred?
By focusing on what is not going well?
Or how does that work? How does it actually work? Tell me!
How do you want to decide it? How do you want to create it? How do you create a healthy humanity?
A happy humanity. A humanity united in peace and freedom. How do you do that?
You are all fortunate that there are those who hold the peace and light above.
Those who some call light bearers. Or I call them peacemakers. The wise among you, the seers.
Those whose sense goes beyond through time and space. So that they can grasp the core, the essence of things - as far as it is possible for them. But there are those who can see further than others.
And you are lucky that they exist. For they can warn you.
Come now."
Jesus reaches out his hand to the seer and smiles. Suddenly, the two of them find themselves in the air.
Around them are fighter jets. The jets are flying and shooting projectiles.
The projectiles fly a short distance ahead and then fall down to earth in an arc.
"I want to point out to you that this is an option. It is not written down that this will happen. But it is a real danger."
Now a large Russian military aircraft appears in green. It is carrying a large hydrogen bomb in its cargo hold. It is dropped, hits the sea and explodes. There is a huge fountain, a shock wave and a kind of earthquake. Great devastation and chaos ensue.
People have to be brought to safety. Floods occur in America, with herds of animals also perishing. A real state of emergency is declared for the American population. This is officially declared. It is a revenge campaign on the part of Russia because of the Nord stream blast.
Now President Putin can be seen. He has allowed himself to build such immense rage at this point in the future that he is no longer clear in military decisions. He sees himself as being in the right.
From his point of view, he is taking revenge and his unwillingness to put up with the abuse (according to his experience) is as strong as ever.
As in earlier messages (from Mary, Jesus & Archangel Gabriel), it is conveyed through Jesus that it is in no way advisable to further irritate Vladimir Putin. It is also made repeatedly clear here that he will not back down. He will always strike back. And so the conflict will continue to build up. It is not advisable to go further into conflict with him. That is clearly felt. A warning.
To everyone who can decide about it, let's say - "take a step back! Think how you can enter into negotiations with Putin, because this way it will get worse and worse.
Putin is too proud and too stubborn to give in."
Jesus wants to draw attention to where it will lead if you continue to engage in warmongering. President Putin will indeed use such weapons and others like them.
Jesus warns that it is dangerous to continue to engage in belligerence with this great power and to provoke each other. He warns that it is insanely dangerous because Putin will eventually archieve a kind of frenzy.
Then he will be indifferent to the victims of war. Who perishes, how much suffering occurs. At some point he will lose touch with it. We are warned here by Jesus Christ that Putin will lose touch with humanity.

Jesus is concerned to pay attention to what is achieved in this way. Namely, nothing at all. Everything will be worse this way. He asks us to go to church, to participate in masses, and thus to purify our own world of thought. He exhorts us to be attentive to our own thoughts. To free oneself from the old; Perhaps to go to confession to give up the old, to free oneself from sins. This will help us to be close to Him, He says. To listen to His words, to align ourselves with it. It will help to get through the general process of change and separation that is going on and to align ourselves. It's about positioning yourself on the side you feel you belong to.
With Jesus or not with Jesus.
If one takes Jesus' side, he recommends what has just been listed and beyond that, to engage with him.
Series, movies, the Bible and in general books about his life and work.
To deal with his life, with the miracles he worked, with the word he spread.
All this can help to get through this time of purification, separation and transformation well.
By consolidating oneself in him. In faith, in light, in truth and in love.

Jesus thanks all of us. "I thank you. I am with you all the time. I never leave you alone and I can always help you if you ask me.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."