Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


68th Message from May 1, 2023 

The Blessed Virgin Mary
"Biblical Times"

Mother Mary appears all in white, floating on a cloud.
She wears a small, delicate silver crown and holds a golden scepter in Her hand.
Coming from the background, glistening rays of light surround Her.
Mary says: "I am the Queen of the Angels.
I am the Queen of Peace.
I am the Queen of Angels.
I am the Mother of Christians, I am the Seat of Wisdom, my child.
I am the God-bearer.
I do not transgress.
I do not punish.
I love.
I admonish, I warn, I protect.
Are you ready?
But I warn you, it will be intense."

After a private message to the seer, the vision of the future begins for the public.

Shadowy images of a mob of people randomly arming themselves with objects emerge. You see an angry riot, people are very angry because of the conditions in Germany. There is a lot of unemployment and poverty. Some of the people have little to eat. Many bakeries have closed. These are dark times. The mobs are getting bigger. They are flocking and more and more people are gathering at the Bundestag in Berlin. They want to make it clear that things cannot go on like this and demonstrate that they need the help of politicians. People are giving free run of their anger.The government officials, however, have their own way of looking at things. They do not see these hardships, or rather, they do not care about them. They have their own plan for the country. In the vision, their attitude seems ruthless, devoid of empathy. For the sake of good impressions, apparent help is granted to the population, but in reality nothing changes in the overall situation. No great help is to be expected.

The citizens protest with signs and on the other side police squadrons on horses can be seen. They want to get the mob under control, but this is difficult because the people cannot be calmed down or contained. There seems to be no violent rioting on the part of the police. A little later, the people have ended their protests and leave without having achieved anything.
A great chill emanates from the government building. In it there is a kind of hiding place where the government representatives can retreat. Inside they couldn’t be disturbed. Images of an arson attack on a government building flash up. It is reminiscent of German history (Weimar).

A vision of Germany in the future seems to be economically run down.

Crime and human coldness are rampant. Poverty, many homeless and beggars characterize the picture.                                                                                                                                            It seems dystopian and disturbing.

Only small plumes of smoke come out of the chimneys of the factories, the fires of the factories have gone out, companies have moved away. There is a strange atmosphere in the country. It is no longer as colorful, lively, bustling and cheerful as it is now (2023). Germans are normally very industrious and work a lot, but there is no longer any sign of that in the vision. People are looking for work, but there is none. The clear deterioration of the economy, is figuratively depicted as ruins.

But from this, a completely different society emerges. In the vision, shining lights and plumes of smoke rise from the ground, as if hope is rising. A symbol that there is also a magic in new beginnings. It also recalls a lyric from an old German song, "Risen from Ruins." This situation also holds opportunities. A strong nation like the Germans, which has produced a great many medium-sized companies, good thinkers, reliable forces, workers, a diligent people - that cannot be destroyed so easily. You can try to humiliate it and make it small, but the essence of the German people cannot be destroyed so easily. Something good and new will come out of it - is the hope-giving message that Our Lady does not leave unmentioned.

In the next section of the vision, it is indicated that the Chancellor's Office will stand empty, as if the incumbent Chancellor did not even exist - symbolically or factually.                                       He seems to be irrelevant to the people.
The seer symbolically sees Chancellor Scholz in a huddled state, curling up in fear because he is strongly influenced and harassed. He serves another master, who seems to have been commissioned from the outside. It is as if someone is standing behind him and directing him like a puppet. This is to be understood in an exaggerated way.

It means that he is not working for the interests of the Germans, but for the interests of another head of state. He cannot break free from this either, because they control him for unknown reasons.

There are complexities to this. It seems to be a conclusion, an alliance of allies who have determined that certain countries should act in a certain way.                                                   The chancellor is not speaking the truth in this vision. To the outside world, he seems to be forced to lie because he would be immediately overthrown as a result. He has to put a "good face on the bad game.”                                                                                                               This set of allies feels like a circle of heads of state and business bosses, etc. - extremely influential people - in whose midst the Antichrist moves.

It feels like preparation, like small steps on a staircase that keeps going up. Like a chess game. Different people make different moves and it's not easy to see from the outside, because you don't know the plan they have concluded inside. This is something that can probably only be understood in context after the fact, since most of it takes place in secret.

The seer must shake when she perceives the Antichrist, who stands in the middle of the allies, and yet he still remains invisible. The magical and spiritual connections are not clear to all involved. They have made agreements with people in this circle about a procedure, certain cornerstones, a certain plan, which is tried to be implemented and this serves nevertheless finally only the Antichrist. This is kept under a cloak until a certain point in time is reached.

The English word "Rising" comes to the seer's mind. So the Antichrist will "rise" and rule for a certain time. He will bask, (from his own perception) in his own light and brilliance, which he lets shine.He puts himself above God and does not pay attention to the laws of creation.He thinks he is God or something equivalent, because he does not believe in the existence of a God. Temporarily, he will symbolically sit on a "throne," but it is a very dark glow that surrounds him. Extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Our Lady gives the visionary an insight into the nature of the person of the Antichrist. He has a very special look in his eyes. The hellfire in his eyes and also the tendency to Satanism stand out there. He is full of dark magic. He performs satanic rituals. Among other things, he seems to ritually slaughter goats. He turns everything around. Just as he turns the Jesus cross upside down, he turns everything else upside down - as well as all meanings and values. With him, so to speak, up is down and down is up. He will completely and utterly confuse people. People will no longer know where up is and down is. He has a very strong mental power. It seems as if he can influence with his eyes. The Antichrist is extremely manipulative, not reliable and he does not adhere to anything. He is like a spawn of hell and driven by a dark magic. When the seer focuses on the fire in his eyes, she sees Satan flashing.

The essence of the Antichrist is like Satan. She sees Satan as he is pictured strikingly - standing in the fire with horns, rod and goat feet and red skin. The Antichrist has smoldering eyes with a tinge of green. This, however, is not the green flame of healing that Archangel Raphael guides, but like some kind of magical fire. His soul is deep black, as if covered in soot in dark shadows.

He will come to the top and rule over the world. It will be terrible years because people who are not established in faith will not understand it and will not be available for information from people who have seen through this. The Antichrist will be able to misguide a large part of the people. Those who have seen through him, he will hunt down. At that time, there will be people who see through his doings and are so solid in their connection to God that they will not be able to be influenced. They will find ways to evade it.

His reign will be a dark reign.                                                                                                         It is the time of revelation.                                                                                                          They are biblical times.                                                                                                              They are the times described in the Bible about the end times.

The Antichrist will be completely visible in public and he will be able to turn the word in your mouth without you even noticing it. Proverbially pretending an X for U. He is a master of manipulation, a master of deception.
But this time will also end. He will be allowed for a period of time to mislead people. It can also be seen as putting faith to the test. But he will lose this throne again, because he has deceived. He is not God and he will never be God. He lives in a delusion and will be set right and overthrown at the right time, namely by the true one God.

This supreme authority will then put an end to the dark goings-on and restore the Antichrist to his actual position. Only those who are truly connected to God will survive this. Those who have strengthened their faith and are established in God. Otherwise, they will not be able to escape the nonsense that the Antichrist utters. In this time many people will be completely controlled by others and roam around like the undead, because they are no longer able to think for themselves. They will be numb.

God allows this and will end it again in due time. This will be followed by the Last Judgment. This will be a complete state of emergency. There will be three days of darkness. The sky will be darkened by beings of the night. The trumpets of the last judgment will follow and the divine sorting will take place.

Now Mary appears again and the vision is finished. She had announced at the beginning that it would become intense and so it was. Mary makes a sign of the cross and says goodbye.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.