Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

69th message from May 5, 2023 

The Blessed Virgin Mary "Storm Bells”

The Blessed Virgin Mary appears in a light-blue dress and mantle, mildly smiling, gentle and loving.
She shows herself hovering over the planet Earth.

Mary wants people to know that she can bring enlightenment to all of us.
She says: "I protect all the children of men. I will never leave you alone. Never allow the idea that I might leave you or that I might miss something. I hold my protective hand over you. Trust in this: Nothing is left to chance."

Further she explains that she cannot take away the people’s free will.
The people are also here to learn and to discern.  She can only encourage them to choose the good path and support them in doing so. But she must respect our free will.
She assures us: "My children are safe with me. The sick and dying are also safe with me and I will accompany them after their transition and send heavenly helpers on their side."

Now images of a war zone occur, a tank rolls through the image while the Virgin Mary standing to the side looking at the warfare. She emphasizes: "People don't know how powerful I am! If more people would pray, I could end the war immediately. But people don't believe in it anymore. Remind your brothers and sisters of this strength and power!"

She asks the visionary to strengthen the "Field of Good Output."
Not much is needed to end it, she says.
But too few turn to God or Our Lady for help. Too few know her power.

Now Mary's face appears very large before the visionary.

She wants to give courage, to give hope. "You are not powerless, human beings. A good outcome is possible." Our Lady stands in front of a deep blue sky and shifts the stars a bit.
She wants to express her power with this.
"It is more possible and even more positively attainable than your mind could imagine.
I am the QUEEN OF PEACE. I can influence the course of the world."

Now Mary shows the visionary a very large wave rolling towards America from the sea at high speed.
She asks the visionary to warn the people. So that they can make preparations, leave the coasts, bring herds of animals to safety.

The vision continues. The immense wave is rolling towards the USA.
Towards a city with a big red bridge. Ringing of bells is heard - storm bells.
Seagulls are startled, the wind whips. At this moment you still think that a storm is coming, but it will not be a normal storm, but a wave as high as a house.
In September.
Meteorologists will be able to see this brewing disaster. Ships on the sea will sink and sailors will perish.
The water masses will cover fields, meadows and houses. People drown.

These floods are also part of the prediction by Jesus Christ, who announced that the water would turn against the people.

Now the face of the Russian president appears. He radiates  - "Vengeance is sweet."

The water will be unstoppable and it will cause immense damage.
The consequences will be: Hunger, poverty, homelessness.

Our Lady says: "It does not have to happen! I ask you to pray for it. God is able to do everything."

She proposes a prayer crusade together with USA and asks to pray for USA. 

Preferably, all people worldwide should pray for it. It can be completely averted.

As a farewell, Mary gives the visionary a kiss.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.