Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

6th message from January 29, 2021 

The Blessed Virgin Mary 
"The Last Day - more detailed information"

Mary is suddenly standing next to me. She has put Her hand on my shoulder.
It feels very soft and warm. Loving, supportive. She is 2.5 - 3m tall.
She is wearing a light blue long dress and a light blue coat.
She is bathed in white light and has a very strong glow.

I check Her identity with a rosary. She nods and responds with the sign of the cross.

She invites me to call S. I do.

"I love you infinitely" She says at the beginning.

At the beginning She shows me images again and again in a certain order:

The sphere in the sky; people running frantically; a shock wave going over the earth; waves of light wafting through and around the earth.

Mary shows me the huge sphere in the sky that looks like a meteor, made of light and fire.
I see the sphere from the side of the universe. How it flies around the earth, past the earth.

Mary means to me, it is about the Last Day. She wants to send us information about what this ominous sphere and the Last Day are all about.

"The orb is the last sign before the Last Day comes."
"The final announcement."
She says it is very very important to Her that we share all of this. Preferably today.

S. asks how much time is in between. Between the appearance of the orb and the Last Day.

"There are only a few days in between."

She is with us. We are not to be afraid.

May we know what year it will be?

"There is no time."

"We will be warned."

Now She shows me the sphere from our perspective from the earth.

If you look at the sky. From the earth it looks like a huge moon, a huge white sphere that is very bright.

She now shows the chronological sequence, of future events.

The appearance of the ball in the sky is followed by a great deal of unrest among the people, who run about in confusion, scurry, are frightened and do not know how to classify the events.

A kind of wave goes through the people.

Then the sky darkens.

Now the beings of darkness become especially active. The dark side tries to keep souls away from the light.
A last desperate attempt to keep God's children away from Him.
She shows me how many small black beings darken the sky piece by piece.
The sight reminds of big bats flying in front of the huge moon and covering it.

This is followed by a kind of bang, a shock wave. Then comes complete darkness.

"The world is in darkness, the soul show begins.
Three days and three nights. You will pray and ask and seek the Lord.
For He does not show you His face."

"The powers of the world are at war."

I see people huddling in their homes. They are shivering with fear.

Mary instructs us to stock up on supplies to be taken care of at home.
When we ask, she suggests having candles at home.
Preferably consecrated candles, in stock.

"Consecrated candles consecrated by a higher authority."

S. asks what we will do during these days and three nights.

"Pray, pray, pray to save souls.
Light as much inner light as possible, that is, connect with God."

(Mary says you should go into your feeling. S.)

*Jesus brings light to the inside of the earth and in circular paths to the outside of the earth.

Then Jesus appears. He lets His children come to Him with His love.

He hovers above the earth, He is huge.
Then comes the scene with the people who are pulled up in the cone of light.
We do not experience this consciously.
It is a kind of sleep.

I see how we have a lot of white light around us, as if we were "in heaven".

Then I see a kind of tsunami, a very large amount of water, which covers the earth.

"There is nothing to fear. For She is with us. We are in Her bosom"

God will take the optimal number.

We can see to it that souls are saved by praying and fasting for them.
The more days the better.

She shows me Her burning heart. She is in concern for humanity.

"What can we do?" asks S.
"Pray the rosary."

She shows me my crown. And says that I didn't get it for nothing.
I am the spokesperson for the Queen of Peace. I am to spread peace.

I feel the weight of the crown. By passing on its message, I become the peace.
Jesus will instruct us (S. & me). Comprehensively.

We will be His love.
We are not to let anyone talk us into it.
We are to trust the messages.
We have their blessing.

S. asks why we as "common people" receive your messages and not the members of the Church.

"Because we have no desire for power.
Because we give the pure message, with pure intention, we are chosen.
The church is too entangled in itself for that."

We are to use our visionary power. Visualize.

How Mary's light is poured into the world, from Her hands onto the earth.

She is surrounded by very bright white light.
We are to trust that She will find the right ways.
Mary instructs us to trust the process.
She thanks us for our work and diligence.
She shows Her red heart again. Red like blood.
She asks us to continue. To meet us, to take the news and bring it to the world.

She says She needs our help. She asks us to stay at peace with the task.
And to move on. She puts Her trust in us. She knows we will be fine.
She says we should talk to people. Also privately with "everyone" without shyness.
Our Lady's word has its own weight.
We should simply pass it on, without shame.
It is a divine message and we must pass it on as purely as possible.
Without our own evaluation.
We should talk to Her, leave our needs and worries to Her. She takes it from us.
The time of decision is coming.
Between good and evil, between light and shadow and that is what we are to say.
Prepare the people.

What does each one want to choose?
How does he want to continue his life?
What are his priorities?
What are his values?
Who does he want to be?
Am I the light or the shadow?
Am I the beast or the lamb?
Am I the fire or the ember?
Am I the star or the moon?
Who do I want to be?
How do I want to express God?

She shows Her burning heart and that is Her burning love for us. For the people.
But She is worried that She can't save everyone. She is crying. She is very sad.

Because people do not understand Her. But She does not give up on us.
She will fight tirelessly to save every single soul.

S. asks about the subject of abortion.
She cries because life is given so little respect and is ended so lightly.

We are supposed to fast. Light food, it should be a renunciation.

If possible, 3 days and then at least one day a week, preferably two.

S. asks about the effect of fasting.

It serves to purify, to clear the mind, to sacrifice, to strengthen the connection with her.

You are my beloved child.

She kisses me on the forehead.