Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

7th message from March 08, 2021

The Blessed Virgin Mary - "There are only 2 ways"

While I am dealing with the other messages written down, I read again that it is a divine message and I realize, we should, as She said, just pass it on without evaluating it.
[...inner conflict...]

Mary appeared all in white and shone very brightly. Her skin was also very bright.

I try to talk to Her and she says, "I am proud of you."

I laugh a little and ask myself what of?

"My heart is your heart.
My love is your love.
My peace is your peace.
Go ahead. Pass it on.
Show your face to the world and pass the message on to the world."

She spreads Her mantle.

I begin to cry and pray to Her.

"I'm sorry it took me so long now, and that somehow I couldn't process this." (I cry)

"There is nothing to forgive."

She takes me under Her coat.

After that she stays further in the room, puts Her hand on my shoulder.

I ask Her to take from me everything that hinders me and that separates me from Her.

"You will soon receive a resolution from me."

She shows me Her red heart.

"I will show you the way."

I send these dialogues to S. in the meantime.
S. asks Maria to take everything from her that hinders her. S. asks Maria to sharpen S.'s perception.
Maria says, however, that S. already perceives this correctly and that she is currently talking to her in this way, as she now perceives it. (...)

"I want to show you something."

[Note of reaction: Often she speaks to me in the form of pictures. Again, this representation is to be understood figuratively. I.e. not that e.g. the "paradise" looks like this. It is to be understood in a figurative sense.
She uses pictures that I can understand in order to pass it on. The images are usually supplemented by feelings that are conveyed through the images].

She shows a fork in the road.

On the left side there is something like paradise.
A beautiful flower meadow, the sun is shining and butterflies are flying.
It's beautiful, it's peaceful and harmonious, it's bright.

On the other side it shows a kind of hellfire.

It's unpleasant there, it's kind of torturous.
It's hard to put into words. The abomination, removed from everything good, so to speak.

She shows this fork and says, "There are only these two options for people. There is only THAT for you to decide. There is no middle way anymore. The end time has come. Pass this on to the people."

I call S. to continue the conversation together with Mary.

"There are only these two ways left. There is nothing in between anymore. Judgment Day is near and it is important to decide which way to go - the way of love or the way of fear."

She indicates that She is in concern for humanity. She radiates urgency and concern.

She points to the coming economic crash.
People should connect their hearts to God, then they will be taken care of.
Everyone who prays to Her is under Her mantle.

When asked again if it is true that people should lay in provisions, she shows a loaf of bread, water, fruit and fire, or candles.

However, She said, one should not give in to fear, because if we turn to God with our hearts, we will be taken care of.
We should go into love and trust in God.

She is trying to reach out and warn people through her gut feeling and other channels.

She is worried that people do not understand.
They are ridiculing Her. Do not take Her seriously.
We are to pray a lot, for others, with the heart, not like chanting litanies just because you want it done. But to go into a deep connection with the heart with God.

We should imagine how we want the world to be. How should it be?

[... personal questions follow, which are answered by the Holy Mother...].

At the end, Mary places S. and me under a cone of light and offers to give to Her everything that we want to free ourselves from.

S. begins to cry.

I see red roses falling from about the height of Her torso to Her feet.

After that She disappears.