Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

8th message from April 2021

The Blessed Virgin Mary - "The Collapse of the Church"

The Blessed Virgin Mary appears.

She asks me to show me something. I concentrate on Her.

In my mind's eye I see a picture.

Standing in front of a church in the background, I see a nun. She looks in my direction. Suddenly her face changes. It becomes dark purple and deformed. Her eyes become very large and very sinister. She opens her mouth and a snake's tongue comes out.
It looks like a demon. She speaks with a "forked tongue."


After that I see a picture of a priest kneeling down in front of Satan.
Satan is squatting on a wall and the priest has made a contract with him.
The priest hands him a parchment scroll with a seal. This means he is in league with him.

I am so frightened by these images that I stop the vision.
I could feel the betrayal and the "evil" and could not bear it.

About a week later I ask Mary to show me again what She wanted to show me, because I could feel that this was not all.

She starts again from the beginning.  

Again I see the nun who turns into a demon and the priest who has made a contract with Satan.

It is palpable that betrayal of church values and ideology has taken hold.
There are priests and nuns who proclaim words that lead away from Jesus Christ and God, who praise Satan.

They betray the church.

Satan rejoices over those who cross over to him.

In the next picture, you can see the church building collapsing.
The church is collapsing. This is to be understood symbolically.
Through the betrayal of church + Christian values, the institution of the church will come to ruin.

In the ruins a small archway of stone opens, through which one comes to the light. Through the gate one can see the horizon.

However, one can pass through the gate only if one makes oneself small before God.