Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


9th message from May 03, 2021 

Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary 
"Dark is the hour of humanity"

Mary has the Child Jesus in her arms, she wears a golden robe.
Her face is very large and she smiles mildly. She wears a large, round, golden crown.

"Dark is the veil, of forgetfulness, Dark the hour of humanity!"

She shows her red heart. She wears a white robe with a golden crown.
She points to the sky with her arm outstretched.
The ball of light can be seen. It is a kind of warning.
Like a meteor! It is racing through space!

"No one is aware of the danger coming your way. Instruct your brothers and sisters how to connect with God!"

She is again carrying Jesus in her arms. It is a touching image. She hands the child to me.
Then Jesus appears as an adult. He washes his face.
Jesus shows a meteorite which is smaller than the warning ball and which hits the earth.
An earthquake follows.  

Jesus: "Please spread my word!"

Jesus shows me a beach and the sea.
A big wave can be seen, which captures a big city.
Jesus says that we humans can avert this by praying.
He says that if we do not avert it, there will be great suffering among people.
The waters will spread.
Then he raises his hand and makes the sign with the two fingers, as you know from pictures.
I felt my crown chakra being dilated. Something went into the crown chakra.
Jesus again shows the swirling tunnel and stands in front of it and we go in.
My 3rd eye is burning and hot.

I see us arrive in Jerusalem. A market is there and Jesus shows me a scene of him standing there preaching a sermon. But the people do not understand him. Then he shows how he helps up outlaws.
I hear this phrase, "Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone!"
In the next scene, you see him healing the lame so they could walk again.
People don't understand that either. His consciousness is so developed but that of the people is not.

They fear him and admire him at the same time.

"I am the light and the life!"

I look up at him from below.
He is standing right in front of me. He has a halo, as a golden crown on his head,a golden cross is engraved in it.
A golden glow emanates from Jesus.

"I am the King of the Jews."

His life was dedicated to God. He was not understood, persecution began.
The scene with Jesus disappears, Jesus is also gone and Mary reappears.
She shows her face again with her mild smile.

She says, "There are hurried steps to be taken. The hour is late."

She radiates hope and a real confidence.

Mary: "The Lord, my Son, will bring salvation. But there are steps to be taken."

Her radiance becomes more severe, admonishing.

Mary: "The beast is the Adversary, you do not recognize him. He is well disguised. Only the true believer recognizes his doings for what they are. As mischief, as sacrilege, as perfidy.
Lies, deceit, concealment, deception, desecration, untruth. These are its ways.
Only the pure heart recognizes the sacrilege. The others are deceived, led astray, abused, manipulated.
Instruct your brothers and sisters to search for the truth before it is too late.
In God they find comfort, home, harbor, truth, love, light."

She shows me a night sky with shooting stars, like a magical night.
People are talking to each other. The word is out, people have heard from a prophet.

Mary: "You are the lamb. Your power comes from God. Your healing comes from God.
Your material needs are fulfilled by God. He has everything for you.
Surrender your doubt to me.
Open yourself to love. Tell your brothers and sisters that I love them and that there is no end for those who are faithful. Those who are pure in heart have nothing to fear. Many go back to God.
Death is an illusion. A return. There is nothing to fear.  

In truth, everything is love.

Tell your brothers and sisters that my love has no end, but they do not want to hear my message.
My warning.
My saving anchor.
Show them, too, the way out of darkness."


Mary: "Through prayers!"

She shows a picture.
The ball of light can be seen again.
It strikes the earth.
Floods, famines, droughts follow.
The world descends into chaos.

"But people can avert it!!! Through prayer!"

She shows a picture again.  

A great wave of water.
A tsunami!
A great wave of water is rolling in.
Mary is now very tall and stands protectively in front of it.
The wave bounces off her and ebbs away.

Mary: "Prayer is your weapon in this battle.
Be aware of how strong you are.
Your power is available.
Your fear can be overcome.
The beast has no power of its own.
It must be nourished.
Keep your thoughts pure.
Your words true.
Your actions for each other in the service of each other."